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Record Module

Record tab allows you to enter a record id and see its fields including the field type, label, and access. If you are currently viewing a record in Sfdc UI and click on the Record tab, it would load that record by default.

Enter Record Id

Enter any record id that you want to view. The current record is kept in the list. You can navigate around using Previous and Next buttons in the Record toolbar.

Record Header

For each Record, the header shows some high-level information about the Record as outlined below. This gives straight away some basic information about the Record without having to click anything else.

Record Details

Record Details section shows all fields of the record with its label, type and access information. Filter fields by entering the search term in the Search Input box.

Edit Record

If you want to make some quick changes, click on the Pencil icon in the Record Toolbar to enter in to Edit mode. Then actions changes to show Cancel and Save buttons. Now click the field you want to modify an Input box will appear whose values you can update.

Once you update, click on another part of the screen to accept the updated value. After that, updated fields background color will change to Orange to indicate changed fields.

To save the Record, click on the Save button, which will prompt you to confirm the changes to be Saved. Upon confirmation, the record in Sfdc will be updated and the screen will refresh with the latest record from Sfdc.


When you are trying to interact in Popup Mode, the screen will disappear if you click on any other part of the Browser or focus out of the Popup dialog. So if you want to focus out of browser, make sure you are in Full Page view and then edit the record.

Clone Record

To clone the current record, click on the Clone button in the toolbar. Then the screen will enter Clone Edit Mode. In this mode, you can make changes to any Creatable fields and then click on 'Save Clone' button to save the record.

Upon Save, the screen will refresh with newly created record.


In clone mode, Screen will highlight the changes you have made over base record but it will still save all fields.

Delete Record

To delete the current record, click on the Trash icon in the toolbar. The App will ask you to confirm the deletion and upon confirmation, it will delete the record. If deletion is successful, the current record will be cleared and an empty screen will be shown.