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What is Realtask?

Realtask is Salesforce centric task execution SaaS solution. It is available at and it can also be deployed on-prem cloud.

What can I use this for?

Here are some use cases that Realtask can help you with.

  • Migrate data from one Salesforce org to another heterogeneous Org
  • Import data into Salesforce from files/google sheet/db etc.,
  • Import hierarchical dataset with auto-parent reference lookup
  • Export data from Salesforce based on Soql/Report/Multiple Soqls etc.,
  • Seed your sandbox to bring subset of production data with objects hierarchy intact
  • ...much, much more


Here are some noteworthy capabilities of Realtask.

  • Scheduling any number of jobs upto per minute interval including one time and manual modes
  • Activate/Inactive Jobs without having to remove them
  • Execute multiple Tasks per Job
  • Support for multiple Salesforce identities upto Task Level
  • Orchestrate multiple Tasks in a Job based on run status or some runtime parameters
  • Complete control over how to map the input data (transform rows/fields) using full fledged formula support
  • Multiple connections management
  • Supports following Task types
    • Export Sfdc Soql results to S3 or Gsheet
    • Export Sfdc Report Ids to S3 or Gsheet
    • Import into Sfdc from S3 or Gsheet
    • Execute DMLs (change sfdc data) without export and manipulating the data manually
    • Run Sfdc Apex script
    • Schedule Sfdc Queueable/Batch Jobs
    • Invoke Sfdc Rest Apis
    • Invoke Any Http apis

What's next