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Welcome to Realfire documentation portal. We are working hard to enhance the documentation however we still have many features to be covered. If you see any inaccuracy or if you would like us to add documentation for any feature with priority, please let us know.

What is Realfire?

Realfire is a Desktop Application (app) built on top of battle-tested technologies Java and Eclipse RCP and other open source libraries. It is supported on Mac, Windows 64 bit and Linux platforms.


Here is high level system architecture of Realfire. Since it is a desktop product, architecture is as simple as it comes.

How can it help me/us?

Without knowing exactly what problems you have or which process you are trying to optimize, it is hard to say how Realfire helps. But it has many tools/features to deal with Salesforce exploring/administration/data management, which done outside of Realfire either is complicated to the point of you pull your hair out or spend days doing which can be done in minutes in Realfire.

Here are some features that makes Realfire shine.

  • Multi Connection Management
  • Unparalleled Objects Exploration
  • Execute Soql/Sosl/Rest Apis and View Results
  • Power-grid with Ingrid Editing
  • Cross Org Profile Compare
  • Dataloader with ability for Parent Id Lookup
  • DML, single line to save days of your time

Who uses this software?

Thousands of customers from fortune 500 companies use Realfire to bring sanity to Salesforce interaction. Here are some of our customers.

  • Salesforce (yes, Salesforce)
  • IBM
  • Autodesk
  • Sunrun
  • Quest
  • And much more.

Does this cost any money?

Yes, but we do have free version with limited functionality if that works. Checkout pricing for more info.

Can I try before I can decide to purchase?

Absolutely. We allow new customers to try full features for 60 days without having to provide any payment information.