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Datasert founded in 2017, started its root as free tool called Realforce Explorer but has grown with many cutting edge and innovative products focused on Salesforce platform.

We have built many products over last few years, both commercial and free opensource, that solves customer's real problems with ease and reliability.

Datasert Appsuite

Datasert Appsuite is online suite of products which are designed to work together and address specific problem domain in Salesforce. It consists of Realsync, Realtask, Gooddata and Metasync (upcoming) products.

This solution is architected to support small/medium customers with multi-tenant deployment hosted by Datasert or enterprise customers with single-tenant deployment into a customer's own Aws account for complete control over data/security. In single-tenant mode deployment, Salesforce data is never exchanged outside of customer's control.


Realsync is reliable near realtime data sync/backup solution for Salesforce with supports for syncing objects with millions of records including like Attachment/ContentVersion and other binary objects

Here are some noteworthy features.

  • Sync data from Salesforce to RDBMS (other targets like Aws Redshift, Google Bigquery and Snowflake is planned)
  • Complete hand off approach. Specify objects, and it will start doing the work without any other manual touch point.
  • Support for sync frequency of upto few minutes for important objects
  • Support for syncing binary objects like Attachment/ContentVersion with binary files replicated to Aws S3 (other blob stores support is planned)
  • Support for auto objects mode where new objects matching the pattern are automatically synced
  • Support for auto fields mode where new fields synced objects are automatically synced
  • Support capturing field history for 100% of fields
  • Support for ingesting standard Salesforce history into backend store, so you can keep all historical history before this solution as well
  • View the record history without leaving Salesforce as native grid
  • Ability to restore a record any previous version is planned
  • Support for auto-refresh of cross-object formula fields, so they can be kept in sync


Realtask, part of Datasert Apps suite, is a task scheduler for Salesforce. Since it is based externally, it can be used to break out of the limitations of Salesforce native task scheduler like number of jobs that can be executed at a time, or number of scheduled Jobs that can be created etc.,

Here are some noteworthy features:

  • Supports DMLs which enables you to take care of salesforce update tasks in matter of minutes which otherwise takes days. For ex., update account set billingstreet = shippingstreet where billingstreet = null
  • Supports split range querying, so you deal with objects containing millions of records
  • Supports exporting/importing binary objects like attachment/ContentVersion
  • Supports exporting to Google Sheet, excel, csv, tsv and other text formats
  • Support Id Lookup, so you can import child objects without having to do VLookup to find out parent id before-hand
  • Create jobs to run manually for schedule them for any frequency your business process requires
  • Schedule Jobs which one or more tasks
  • Supports Apex Script, Queueable Job, Batch Job and Apex Looper as task types
  • Keep run history of Job for easy analysis
  • Supports Apex Looper which enables you take care of quick administrative tasks to process a huge amount of records quickly
  • Enable team sharing capabilities to share the jobs with multiple team members


Gooddata, part of Datasert Apps suite, is collection of data quality/administrative task tools with support for data masking as of now. Other data quality tools planned this product like Match records, fix dupes, Object data analysis etc.,

Data Masking

Data masking data quality tool enables you mask whole or part of Salesforce object. This tool has become a necessary tool for current customers to ensure production data is masked in sandboxes.

Here are noteworthy features

  • Support varying masking types like, Fake Data Decimal Skew Email Skew Nullify Formula List of Values and more
  • Mask all or specific fields in an object
  • Easy configuration of objects to be masked
  • Auto config for some standard fields
  • Disable/enable auto-actions like Validation Rules, triggers, workflow rules before mask and re-enable after mask
  • Automated error recovery by keeping state of the masked records


Metasync, part of Appsuite, is all Salesforce metadata management product with supports for Smart Backup, org-org deployments, git based ci/cd deployments, metadata alerts etc.,

This product is in the works and soon to be released.


Realfire is a desktop based product to help with all things Salesforce. It was started in 2010 as small scale tool and grown into reliable product 1000s of Salesforce customers rely on their daily usage.

Some noteworthy features are:

  • Multi connection management
  • Explore Objects, Metadata
  • Query data, edit data in grid and save data
  • Execute apex
  • Load data into Salesforce
  • Manipulate Salesforce data without you have to extract it first using DMLs
  • Deploy metadata
  • Compare Metadata between orgs
  • Compare Profiles/Permission Sets between orgs and reconcile the differences
  • Compare users between orgs and much more.

It can be downloaded from here (No credit card required) and come with 60 days of full feature trial. After the trial period, can be converted to Free edition which provides basic query capability for single connection or can be upgraded one of the available editions.


Scheduleright is native Salesforce based task scheduler. We built the product after experiencing severe limitations dealing with Salesforce standard scheduling mechanism while working with many enterprise clients.

Here are some noteworthy features.

  • Support for scheduling more than 100 jobs (which is maximum with standard salesforce)
  • Easily activate/inactivate jobs without having to delete them
  • Since they are built on top of custom objects, they are easily migrated from one org to another
  • Retry jobs after fixed delay
  • Clear and concise Job run history for each of the job
  • Parent/Child jobs
  • Multi-level scheduling