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This page gives high-level architecture details of Appsuite product suite. If you are looking for further details than provided here, we'd be happy to provide upon request.


Here is high level system architecture of Appsuite and various sub-systems.


Appsuite supports two ways how customers can consume the solution viz., Main Cloud and On-Premise Cloud.

Main Cloud

This is the Datasert controlled multi-tenant cloud environment run as out of AWS us-west-2 region available at We do not have EU specific region yet but we are working on deployment so that our EU customers can benefit from proximity and geo-boundary.

On-Premise Cloud

In this mode, we will install the complete Appsuite solution into customer owned AWS Account. It could be either brand-new specific for Appsuite (recommended) or co-located with your other AWS deployed applications.

We provide easy to deploy and sing-cli-command deployment automation scripts to easily manage it. With this comes full visibility of the application, its controls and hence digital chain of custody.

In this mode of deployment, you can configure such that your configuration/data is never touched by Datasert employees.