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What is Appsuite?

Datasert Appsuite is an online suite of products which are designed to work together and address specific problem domain in Salesforce. It consists of Realsync, Realtask, and Metasync (upcoming) products.

It is architected to support small/medium customers with multi-tenant deployment hosted by Datasert or medium/enterprise customers with single-tenant deployment into a customer's own Aws account for complete control over data/security or Datasert managed single tenant. In single-tenant mode deployment, Salesforce data is never exchanged outside of customer's control lines.



Realtask is Salesforce centric task execution engine.

Some capabilities of Realtask are:

  • Migrated data from various sources into Salesforce
  • Import/Export data for day-today operations
  • Schedule tasks to take care of admin actions
  • Copy data from Product to Sandboxes to enable reliable testing
  • Mask Data in place in Salesforce post-refresh to ensure customer confidentiality

See Realtask for further details.


Realsync is solution to back up and recover data in Salesforce.

Some capabilities of Realsync are:

  • Near-realtime (upto few minutes) data sync from Salesforce to your DBs
  • Complete back of your Salesforce org
  • 100% history of all changes (including the fields that cannot be tracked in Salesforce)
  • View History of records in Salesforce
  • Recover data with support for hierarchical objects tree
  • Monitor changes as they happen


Metasync is complete CI/CD and Metadata Management solution for Salesforce. Note that Metasync is currently in private beta and being used by select few customers.

Some capabilities of Metasync are:

  • Org to Org adhoc deployments to replace change-sets
  • Org to Org Pipelined deployments
  • Hands off and git based CI/CD with minimal overhead
  • Continuous and smart metadata backup into your Github repos
  • Monitor Metadata and Setup changes with Metadata Alerts
  • Continuous Apex Testing to ensure your production system tests are upto date
  • Compare orgs to identify the differences


See this for more info. That page also has details about Appsuite deployment methods.